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Headcase Music Video

Making a Mark Zuckerberg Portrait in Photoshop (50X speed)

Alcohol On Your Receipt

This video shows the effects of rubbing alcohol when squirted onto receipt paper. I composed the music in Logic, and added an additional guitar track. The animation was made from three minute-long videos of rubbing alcohol drying on receipt paper, and edited into a light show using After Effects.

Am I Awake?

This is an experimental Music Video I made set to the song Am I Awake? by They Might Be Giants.

This is the story is of two friends, who carry one another around while they take turns sleeping. There is some uncertainty as to which one of them is dreaming. I created all of the visuals for this from scratch. It's a combination of stop motion animation, live action, and CGI. 

Fish Smoke

I animated this using hand drawn images, animated with Blender and After Effects. The video portions were recorded at the Santa Cruz County Fair. The music is by Brian Callahan.

Visualizing the Melody - Here Comes the Sun

This video shows us each of the separate tracks that comprise the song Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles. 

I've animated the waveforms from the bass, guitar, synth and vocals laid out on a circle divided into twelve parts and labeled with the notes in an octave. The audio spectrum for each track is shown as a series of circles, ever rising in pitch from the center outward. 

My idea with this video is to show off the mathematics and the underlying notes in this song in a way that non-musical people can understand. You could literally transcribe the true tablature of this song using just this video.

Arcada Fog (The History of Astronomy) 

This is my first music video. It's an animated description of the mighty minds that developed science, physics, and astronomy. 

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