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Garth is a working artist living in the Santa Cruz Mountains. He paints portraits and has illustrated several books. His work has been published in the Washington ExaminerMediaiteNorml, and books on astrophysics and architecture. 


He is also a comic artist and political cartoonist. In 2019 Garth and collaborator Justin Duckham received the Angele Gingras Humor Writing Award from the National Press Club. Garth animated the credit sequence for a movie featuring Ed Harris in 2022, Get Away If You Can. He is also co-host of the Least Haunted Podcast, which lightheartedly explores spooky myths and legends from an anthropological and skeptical perspective. He lives in a cabin in the woods with his partner and three cats.

Here is a list of Garth's favorite artists:

Simon StålenhagFrancisco Goya, Robert Crumb, Ralph SteadmanZdislaw BeksinskiSalvador Dalí,

 Stephen GammellJoseph Zucker, Chris Van Allsburg, Odd Nerdrum, Vaughn Bodē, Luis Quiles, Matt VandersliceCatherine Jones



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