Thursday, October 26, 2017

Fats Domino died yesterday. Here's my tribute portrait. For reference, I used a video of him preforming his classic Blueberry Hill on Ed Sullivan. I've loved that song ever since I heard it in the movie 12 Monkeys. I first saw this video in an American Popular Music class I took in college, and now whenever I hear that song, I think Fats smiling at the camera on Ed Sullivan. Thank you, Mr. Domino for making one of my favorite old songs and for helping create rock and roll.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I expected that it would be easy to draw a caricature of Trump, but it's much harder than I expected. Here's a sheet full of trump attempts.

I've labeled these 1 thru 16 so that you can see their order of creation. The thing is, Trump is such a goofy looking guy that it's easy for an artist to exaggerate his hair or his pursed lips and then just draw the rest of him as proportionally normal. But those don't usually look that good to me, or at least they're not what I'm going for with this satirical portrait. I'm not a big fan of ridiculous exaggeration. Instead I prefer the more subtle likeness that just barley emphasizes a few features making the subject just a bit more deranged the...

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